• Why ODYN

    It is not just a name. It is the meaning behind who an ODYN is

    • Odyn are persistent and possess leadership abilities. 
    • Odyn dream big and so are their achievements in real world. 
    • Odyn can transform any idea into reality which make them a master builder equipped with ingenuity and innovation.

  • Real Talk, Our Values

    We sat down and wrote what we dreamed the most amazing performance clothing company would be, we wrote the below in a minute.

    We are a performance clothing company, first and foremost our gear must enable you to be the BEST at the right moment during exercise, zero restrictions.


    We build our products to enable the most active function of the gear while also designing our products to flatter the human form to the maximum.


    Our designs are vibrant, unique and flawless all over with every line every stitch fulfilling its purpose in the garment.


    Agile and fast we release gear just like our athletes perform - relentless innovation and execution

  • Fusing performance with Fashion

    Flattering the human form making you look like your best self while working out, playing your sport or just relaxing